The Inspiration of Oswaldo Guayasamin

While I was in Quito, Ecuador recently, I had the luck to go to the Guayasamin museum. I immediately felt a connection to his paintings and his home where the museum resides. I feel so lucky to have discovered him. Although at first glance his paintings might feel a tad depressing, you quickly begin to see the hope and love he had for the indigenous people of Quito.

I admire his drive to help the less fortunate in his country. I really believe that is one of the key purposes of an artist. We need to take the gift we have been given and use it to help others. We need to share our vision, love and creativity to pull the world out of the mess it’s in.

I thank Guayasamin for reminding me to make a difference and spread the love. I bought two of his prints and I’m hoping they are a constant reminder of his message.

“I will always come back. Keep shining a light.” – Guayasamin


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