In Honour of World Theatre Day…MURU!

Celebrating World Theatre Day might not be on everyone’s agenda today. However, for a young artist like myself, who is trying to make a living in this crazy business, and still under the naive illusion that I can change the world through the magical world of theatre, it’s still a special day. 

So on this World Theatre Day I want to share with all of you this video clip of a production I saw recently in Lima, Peru. The theatrical event was called MURU: Fuerza De Lo Inevitable (Inevitable Force), and it was an evening of music, dance and contemporary theatrical multimedia. It was the creation of a collective based out of Lima called Colectivo OIE and brought together artists from all over the world.

I could not have been a prouder artist that night. I was seeing something incredible come out of my country of birth, I was sitting in a theatre where my great grandfather used to sing  in operas, and I was witnessing the collaboration of theatre artists from around the world. Everything and everyone was in harmony. It was the true definition of World Theatre and a loud reminder of why I love this art form.

Today I want to share it with you in the hopes that it inspires you to head to the theatre, nourish a talent you see blooming in your child, support a local theatre group in your community, or just allow yourself to be moved by the art that is around you.



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