Nurture Our Dreams

It’s always been my dream.

I want to follow my dreams.

It would be a dream come true.

Every young person that came through my panel at the 2012 Sheridan College Music Theatre-Performance auditions wanted us to know it was their DREAM to get into the prestigious program. They wrote it in their questionnaire, they told us in their interview, and they showed us through their passionate and hopeful performances.

I could not have been more humbled and inspired today. It was a complete privilege to witness the future of the program, as well as the wonderful raw talent out there. These young people came to us with so much hope and so much pressure on their little shoulders to succeed. To fulfill their dreams. To not let themselves down or prove the naysayers right.¬†Unfortunately, like any academic program, Sheridan can’t accept everyone and we were faced with breaking a few hearts today.

To those little birds who didn’t fulfill their dream today, I want to tell you this: Tomorrow is a new day. Your dream will still be there. You will be one day wiser and stronger, and even MORE sure that this is the dream , in your heart of hearts, you have to follow through with.

Take the privilege of time and use it to keep studying, dreaming and performing. Take classes. Read plays. Go to the theatre….or write. Write down your dreams. Your flaws and your strengths. Your resources and how they can help you. Explore other passions. Other dreams. Don’t just follow this path because it’s the only one you know. Take the time to learn what else you are passionate about and perhaps new dreams will emerge.

Today was not an attempt to crush your dream. Think of it as a nudge to dream bigger. To get better. To dream broader. To open your mind.

I also am following my dreams and they are taking me in a hundred different directions. One dream is boring. Getting things too easily doesn’t teach us much. I am much more secure with my dreams and their journey if I have to work a little harder for them. You will be too.


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