Are You The Smart Girl At The Party?

Change the world by being yourself. It’s that easy. 

I want every girl out there to watch this video, go on the Smart Girls At The Party website and watch every video there, AND THEN go on Facebook and LIKE them. This is my advice if we want to raise amazing, intelligent and confident girls. Too many times I’ve seen girls hide the things that make them special in order to “fit in” with their friends, or even worse, conform to society’s idea of a “normal” teen.

Amy Poehler, Meredith Walker and Amy Miles have created Smart Girls At The Party to challenge that stereotype and tell girls out there that it’s cool to be smart and independent. Each episode focuses on one girl who is ‘changing the world by being themselves’. They are smart, funny, kind and usually incredibly creative. It is a celebration of girls and empowerment and I can’t get enough of it.

The thing is, the show isn’t for me. I’m not their target demographic. So do me a favour and please share this website with every tween and teen you know. Even the boys. It can’t hurt them to realize the girls at school are pretty amazing. I promise we will all be better for it.


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