Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom is turning OLD years old today. I’m not allowed to say how old, but believe me she’s just as beautiful as she’s ever been. Sure, I yell at her for smoking or for not exercising enough. I get frustrated when she doesn’t drink enough water or drinks too much coke (or is it Pepsi? I don’t care both are awful, mom!), but I have to admit….she has good genes! She’s also smart, and has a quick wit. She reads AND plays computer games. She can do your taxes AND your banking…..at the same time! She also thinks she can do ANYTHING at the same time. For example, playing computer games and watching a movie. I refuse to tell her what’s happening in the movie when she asks. And she always asks. Oh mom.

More importantly…she is my mom. Quirks and all. It’s taken 20 some years to find our common ground, but I feel we’ve finally come to some kind of a loving agreement as to how to live in harmony, respecting each other and our choices. Appreciating our strengths and accepting our differences. It took a lot of work, a lot of screaming and a lot of sleepless nights….but somehow here we are!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I hope you have a wonderful day, a great weekend with the family (even though we have a 1/4 of the family missing!), and an amazing year ahead. Do things that scare you. Take a chance. Explore a hobby. Be brave. Exercise. Drink Water.

Oh, and thank you for being my personal spell check on this blog. Much appreciated ;)

Love you. xo


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