Thank You Birds

Artwork by: Julie Comstock for teNeues Publishing Company

Look what I found at Chapters yesterday! Clearly my obsession with birds is not over. I have ‘thank you’ cards galore at my place but I couldn’t resist picking these up. The design is beautiful, artistic and kinda vintage. I love it.

My obsession with stationary and publishing houses is not over either. teNeues has some incredible collections of specialty books and stationary that tend to keep me on their site for far too long. You must check them out here.

You can never have enough ‘thank you’ cards. It’s a lovely way to let someone know you appreciate them and all they do for you. I never travel without them. On trips there are countless people who help me and deserve a beautiful token of thanks. Even at home there are always people who go above and beyond and deserve a little something.

Think of someone you’ve begun to take for granted. Who is always there so you haven’t had a chance to miss them or what they do for you. A friend who always picks up the phone. A teacher who talks to you well after the bell has rung. The local coffee or tea shop that knows your name and always greets you with a smile. Pull out a ‘thank you’ card and let them know you appreciate all they do.


2 thoughts on “Thank You Birds

  1. I clicked on your blog because my mom has called me “Little Bird” my whole life as a nickname and I have a bird tattooed on my wrist so I was like PERFECTION when I saw your blog title. And I’m not disappointed. We’re both obsessed, dear and those cards are so cute.

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