Trendy Tea Tins & NYC

DAVIDsTEA store location on Bleeker St. in NYC. Stunning.

I have always been a sucker for beautiful design. If you’ve packaged it beautifully, if the book cover is gorgeous, if the storefront catches my eye….I will probably drop the cash. This has sometimes led me to read terrible books, or waste my time in a store that overcharged for poorly made clothes, or bought something that did not resemble the picture on the packaging at all! I have been disappointed in the past.

That is why I am always so pleasantly surprised by DAVIDsTEA. The minute I first walked into a store I connected with the vibe, the look, and the lovely people behind the counter. Then I tried the teas. Beautiful, lovely packaging, curious and original names….and all of them delicious.

You might buy a tea or a tea collection because of the gorgeous and modern design, but you will definitely come back for more because of the quality of the product. Right now the store is selling beautiful colored tins to store your tea. They match the colors of the wall tins in the store. Brilliant idea. You can now have your very own tea wall or shelf at home! The little tins never fail to put a smile on my face and remind me of what a creative and smart company I work for. I’m obsessed with them.

If these images put a smile on your face, or you connect to the vibe in some way, you must go see one of the stores in person. You won’t be disappointed. Tea lovers in Toronto and NYC have various stores to choose from, but if you don’t happen to have one nearby you can always check out their website here and easily order some beautiful and tasty teas online.

It’s worth noting that the Bleeker St. location in NYC is heaven. NYC is one of my favorite cities and the design of the Bleeker store combines so many of my favorite elements. I dare you to not feel relaxed and happy in there!

My current favorites include Coco Chai Rooibos, Chocolate Rocket, Goji Pop, Read My Lips and Checkmate. Make sure to ask the lovely people behind the counter what they’re drinking lately. One of the other things I love about the stores is the relationship between the customers and the staff. DAVIDsTEA is the complete package.

Happy tea drinking!


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