No One Is Alone

It’s no secret that I am a Sondheim lover. In fact, meeting him is on my ‘inspirational people I’d like to meet’ bucket list, a list that I’ve been lucky enough to have started checking off already! To me Sondheim is able to articulate what we know is right, what we feel inside, but what we can’t put words to ourselves. He does this with such ease, precision and humour that we barely know we’re absorbing these wonderful morals and lessons.

Into The Woods is perhaps my favorite Sondheim musical, and one that I go back to a lot. No One Is Alone is one of the highlights of the show and one of its more well known songs. I remember seeing this clip on the Rosie show years ago and feeling so far away from it all. It seemed like a fantasy land that I wanted to be a part of. Who would have known that I’d one day get to see the show, work with The Baker, and spend plenty of time in NYC.

I am grateful for everything that has happened to me since then, and I am grateful to have this clip and be able to watch it whenever I want as a reminder of what I’m striving for.

It must also be noted that Laura Benanti and Stephen DeRosa are flawless in these roles.


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