This Is Your LIFE.

Recognize this incredible poster of powerful words? Do you remember seeing it all over your news feed on Facebook? Well I finally learnt where it came from and I am so excited at my discovery!

Holstee is a company with a conscience. It’s what can happen when people sit down for a second, stop moving, and really think about what they want out of life and for the world. That’s what Mike, Dave and their cousin Fabian did a few years ago and what came out of it was the Holstee Manifesto. The poster you see above, and the message that’s being heard all over the world. Thankfully.

The name Holstee came from the first product they started selling. A t-shirt with a strategically placed holster pocket. They now have numerous products on their website including alpaca hats from Peru, a up-cycled wallet and greeting cards with the Holstee Manifesto. I will be ordering those soon!

Their website is also full of inspirational material the company wants to put out into the universe. I am so excited to share their message with as many people as I can and if you want to do the same feel free to check them out here. You will not be disappointed!

Do you need more help absorbing the message or sharing it with you friends? Thankfully there is also a video you can watch which might do the trick ;)


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