I Might Have A Small Book Obsession

I’ve admitted before that I definitely judge a book by its cover. I enjoy beautiful design and packaging. It’s true. So when I first set eyes on this collection of Penguin Classics I concluded that I was going to have to get every book in the collection. Even if I had already read them. I didn’t care. I realized that they were not just gonna be good re-reads, but they were also going to be an amazing addition to any room or space! They are just so beautiful!

I have this thing with using books as decoration. I even own books about decorating with books. If there are books on the subject it makes me feel like I’m not alone. There are others like me. Other souls who see the beauty of books.

They are an escape, a voyage, a lesson, a companion, a funny friend and a teacher. Like theatre, I feel they have shaped who I am completely.

Let them in. Let them play with your kids. Allow time every day for a lesson or two. It just might be what the world needs right now, and what might spark the idea that can change your life.



2 thoughts on “I Might Have A Small Book Obsession

  1. I love books more than anything! And I love how they look and smell, oddly enough. Also, I have the same tin letter as you : ) xoxo

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