Wise Beyond Her Years, Tavi Gevinson Is No Rookie

When I was 15 I spent most of my time studying, playing soccer, singing and hanging out with my friends at the mall. I was a studious, curious teen with big dreams and ambitions to make a difference, but I saw those dreams being fulfilled in the future. When I grew up. I’ve always lived my life in order. I thought, I’ll be a kid, I’ll be a teen, I’ll go to school, I’ll grow up, I’ll get a job, and then that job will make a difference. What my dreams were aren’t the point. The point is I don’t think I realized I could make a difference in the world until I grew up.

I did dream about acting and performing as a kid. I knew I could do that at ANY age. But, the idea of being taken seriously or making a difference always seemed like something “grown ups” did. Now that I’m a certain age I’m happy with who I am, what I’m doing and how I live in the world. However, I’m also happy and excited to see how young people are taking a lead and taking charge of their dreams and issues that need to be tackled in the world.

Tavi Gevinson is one of those teens. Independent, strong, smart, feminist, quirky and proud of it. I have a vague memory of seeing Tavi on television a few years ago and thinking she was such a unique kid. She had the whimsical, quirky spirit that some people can only pretend to have. I wasn’t sure who she was or what her life was like, I still don’t, but I was curious about what her days were like at school. I hoped then and especially now, that kids realize what a special person she is.

A couple of days ago she popped back into my life through a TEDxTeen youtube video. I listened to her speak for almost 8 minutes and by the end of it I was a fan. I was also incredibly excited to share her message with everyone I knew, young or old. This teen is talking about things that I only began to articulate in my head in my 20s…and I still wouldn’t be able to have a coherent conversation about it! Feminism is a topic that can sometimes get so heated and so controversial, but Tavi has boiled it down to 8 minutes in her speech titled ‘Still Figuring It Out’, and she is more coherent that I could ever hope to be.

Watch this video. Share it with your kids, your sister, your friends and then go spend some time on thestylerookie.com. This girl will blow your mind. Not only does ROOKIE have insightful articles and interviews, it also includes some incredible photographs taken by Tavi herself. Is there anything she can’t do??


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