Give Yourself a Hand

I’ve been meaning to get some book lists on this blog for a while but I had so many books to look through the task seemed completely overwhelming! I am happy now to have narrowed down some choices, created some themed lists, and taken some pictures to go along with them.

This first collection of books are meant to give us all the little helping hand we need when we haven’t had the best year, the month has seemed off, the week has been too long, or simply when we’re having an off day.

I love reading these kinds of books because they combine two of my favorite things; reading about the lives and experiences of others, and the opportunity to reflect on my life and ways I can improve it. Each of these books had a big impact on my life and my relationship with the world. I hope they can serve all of you in the same way.

“We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.”

THE HAPPINESS PROJECT by Gretchen Rubin: This is the wise story of a woman who, after a moment of clarity on a city bus, decides to dedicate a year to her Happiness Project. Each month she tackles a new resolution and takes us all along for the ride. So inspiring and entertaining at the same time. I loved reading it and definitely walked away with some lifelong lessons and tips for a happier life!

THIS I BELIEVE by Jay Allison and Dan Gediman in association with NPR: This is a brilliant collection of 80 thought-provoking essays. The contributors include Isabel Allende, Leonard Bernstein, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Martha Graham and the list goes on. Each essay challenges us to think and rethink our beliefs and how we came to them. Incredible words by incredible people.

THE LAST LECTURE by Randy Pausch: This book has always stayed with me. This is the story of Professor Randy Pausch and his ‘last lecture’ after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. He always intended it to be for his children and so he titled it “Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”. He wanted to teach his children the importance or seizing every moment, overcoming obstacles and enabling the dreams of others. He wanted to remind all of us that it’s about living.

TOO SOON OLD, TOO LATE SMART  – Thirty True Things You Need To Know Now by Gordon Livingston: A friend recommended this book to me and I loved the title. Little did I know that Livingston’s lessons would really resonate with me and stay with me forever. Livingston is a parent who has lost two of his children and his 30 true things seem to all come from a place of deep knowledge and personal experience. I believe he believes every word he is saying and I was truly changed by his words.

AND NEVER STOP DANCING – Thirty More True Things You Need To Know Now by Gordon Livingston: this second installment of Livingston’s books was another wonderful read. If you enjoyed the first book you will also be grateful for the second one. In total Livingston has given us 60 true things we need to know. Now the rest is up to us!


One thought on “Give Yourself a Hand

  1. Love these books too!!
    Check out Kristian Anderson’s blog and story. What an inspiration. The bday video he made for his wife is on YouTube and it is beautiful.

    Also google “Two kisses for Maddy” it should take you to the author’s blog. Sad story.

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