The Sweetly Passionate Jaime Oliver

I sat through all of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution program a few years ago in one night. I was weirdly obsessed with his passion, anger and frustration with the American (North American) lifestyle. I was equally obsessed with America’s disinterest in what they ate, what it’s doing to their bodies, and how little they care to find solutions to the problem. Of course there were people desperate for help, but they were, they are, faced with a government that is doing very little to support them. Thank god now for the Obamas. I love the focus that Michelle Obama is putting on this topic and I admire how she’s making a point of appearing on television to talk about the issue. Expertly, she is trying to get young kids interested in taking care of their bodies and what they eat. It’s an amazing strategy.

This video is a small glimpse into the work and dedication that Jaime is putting into this topic. If this moves you, please go ahead and watch Food Revolution here. I hope it encourages you to eat healthier, or healthier than you already are!

A friend’s dad recently told her he’s starting to work out and eat better. He’s in his early 60’s. Why? she asked. He replied, because I want to be able to play soccer with my grandchildren.

Learn the lesson well.


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