Are You A Bully?

I saw this movie last week and I encourage everyone to see it and share it with every young person they know. This problem needs to stop and kids need to realize what they are doing to each other. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ seems like a silly sentence now. Words do hurt, and unfortunately can push kids to do tragic things.

My sister also made a good point on our way home from the theatre. She reminded me that bullying doesn’t stop in school. As adults we also have a tendency to bully. People bully their children, co-workers, their parents, or anyone that might cross them the wrong way. If I think about it enough I think I’ve witnessed it. Child bullies turn into adult bullies if we don’t reach them in time.

So, let’s do each other a favour. Let’s hold ourselves accountable for the bullying we see around us, or might commit ourselves. Let’s not keep quiet about an issue that is clearly affecting so many lives and in some cases taking them! You may not be a bully, but you have the power to speak up when you see it happening around you.



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