A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words….

….a journey through my adventures on the 1st Broadway National Tour of West Side Story.

I had almost forgotten what a special time this was in my life. Thankfully, the tour is now in Toronto and the memories are flooding back. It’s almost an entire new group of actors, but the energy and passion is still the same. I’m so excited to have them here and I think you should all go buy a ticket to see this incredible production. You don’t believe me? Then, this might convince you.

Ok, you must be convinced now, so please go buy your tickets at DanCap Productions here. Done? Ok, good.

Below is a photo journey of the cities I got to visit while on tour. Some were magical, some were hard. However, they were all an adventure and I could not have asked for a better, more talented group of people to take the journey with. We being with…

I have to add another picture of San Fran because I love it so much…

This picture in LA was taken from my hotel window! WHAT?

Here is another picture just because it’s DISNEY WORLD!!

The end of the road for me…what a journey!!

Ok, don’t forget…get your tickets here! And check out the tour page here!


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