When I Think Of Bliss……

The coast of Lima, Peru near Miraflores. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I made it even more beautiful by putting a 1960s filter on the photograph. I’m in love.

Some things are just bred in the bone. For me it’s the need to have family around. To learn. To be kind (to try to, anyway). To laugh. To be almost too introverted. To dream. To keep wanting more…and to find peace and clarity near the water. The ocean and the sun have never let me down. Just being able to smell the sea is enough to put me in a good mood. Sitting in the sun, looking at this view with family around, is what I miss the most about Lima.

Just add a plate of Ceviche and you’ve got heaven.


2 thoughts on “When I Think Of Bliss……

  1. I know exactly where that is!!! I loved Lima when we visited. Miraflores is so beautiful. On one of the days we were there the gray sky opened up and the sun came out for the entire day. We were told this is highly unusual due to weather patterns — the cold Humboldt meets another warm current right at Lima and causes mist and fog. We spent the day strolling along the gorgeous path above the Pacific, watching surfers take the waves and many people para-sailing. We were all enjoying a slice of heaven. Then we indulged in some amazing Peruvian cuisine, and I finished the day by reading The Bad Girl by Mario Vargas Llosa — part of which takes places in Miraflores! Ah, bliss.

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