Sesame Street – Best Thing Ever, Maybe?

This exploded online yesterday and I couldn’t resist. I love the cleverness of people. I have to celebrate it. I also love Sesame Street and Cookie Monster…and Elmo.

When I was growing up in Peru I knew it as Plaza Sesamo. If I remember correctly, when I got paid after doing a commercial (I think I was 5), my parents let me take some of the money and buy anything I wanted. I ended up with a board game set that was, I think, 4 games in one, and it was all Plaza Sesamo. Elmo didn’t even exist yet, I don’t think!

I recently had the pleasure of putting together an audition tape for Sesame Street and one of the scenes I had to tape was with Elmo. A very talented friend of mine read the scene with me and I couldn’t believe what was happening. It’s one of those moments when I pinch myself and think – is this really my life? Did I really leave work early today to come home and record an audition with Elmo? For Sesame Street? Craziness.

Enjoy these little pieces of magic. I promise they will put a smile on your face, and perhaps take you back to a time when all you had to worry about was how to get to Sesame Street.


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