Eduardo Fernandez – That Vintage Smile

My grandfather, Eduardo Fernandez, in 1947. He was in the Peruvian Air Force and eventually a Colonel. 

I love old photographs. It makes me feel like I’m spying on the past and at the same time connecting to it. I especially love old photographs of my family. I love looking at them and imagining what their lives were like, what their dreams were, what they were thinking! I think old photographs are so much more genuine that what we have today. They really captured a moment in time and no one could say, ‘I looked weird in that one, let’s take it again’. Some of those weird looks are my favorite! Even the photos where families posed in a studio are so mysterious. I love it.

My mom (or maybe my aunt), gave me these pictures on my grandfather during his time in the Peruvian Air Force. He eventually was a Colonel and he is so proud of his time there. A lot of my childhood memories of him are listening to him talk to us grandchildren about his experiences, adventures and struggles.

He’s in his 90’s now (don’t tell him I told you that!), and only recently has begun to show his age. It makes me proud and happy that he took care of himself that well. Although he can be a giant stubborn pain sometimes, I am very grateful for him!

I’m so happy I have him and these photographs in my life!


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