Bedrooms Heaven

I have this mild yet pretty intense love of interior design and architecture. In fact, it’s so mild (yet intense), that it confused me and I eventually went into acting. Good times. Sometimes I walk by a copy of Architectural Digest at the bookstore and I feel ashamed that I don’t have enough money to have a subscription and I have to sit at the store and look through it there. I usually have to squeeze in between the guy that’s looking through car magazines and the woman checking out the latest crochet techniques. It’s not pretty.

However, the internet is a beautiful thing and recently I find myself scouring through pinterest and tumblr to get my design fix. Here are some of my latest discoveries for your enjoyment. Usually I love the entire look of the rooms….but sometimes it might just be an element or two. Also, some of them are kids rooms, so I guess I’ll need some of those…some day.

How I wish I had some empty rooms to decorate!!

tumblr_lna28e2FHE1qzu7cuo1_500 tumblr_mg4dmzcfJS1qkgl21o1_500 tumblr_mo1haafEfe1qzib5qo1_500 tumblr_muj47uoydF1rugmfko1_500 tumblr_mupdjk3ahP1r3gu4qo1_500 tumblr_muq77bsMlA1s1f7t7o1_500


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