This One’s For Amanda de Cadenet


Thank you for sparking conversation.

Thank you for sparking a dialogue among women.

Thank you for showing us that a strong woman is a process.

Thank you for putting a premium on strong opinions. On female leadership. On community.

Dear readers, I have a confession to make. I have no idea what I’m doing. I never know what’s in store in the world, or in my thoughts. I still feel like a kid, a sponge, trying to absorb as much as I can so that I can one day say I have it figured out. I have a feeling that day will never come, but it’s the journey that counts, right?

The one thing I do know is that I’ve always relied on those wiser than me to guide the way. I seek them out constantly so as not to miss a single lesson. When I was a kid it was my teachers, my family, a close friend. As I got older, and was exposed to more of the world through books and television, I began to realize that there were wise people everywhere! What kid of the 90s wasn’t inspired by Judy Blume, Rosie O’Donnell or any and every segment of Reading Rainbow?

These days I’m especially drawn to women who are paving their own path, and at the same time, in a way, paving the way for me. In the last few years I’m finding these women everywhere, practically chanting for the rest of us to follow suit. I love it. Authors, actresses, business women, hosts, professionals in any field, and even women in my own life are inspiring me every single day. It’s exciting.

I discovered Amanda de Cadenet a couple of years ago on Youtube. After watching one episode of The Conversation I was forever hooked on her passion, her straightforwardness and her honesty. I immediately wanted to talk to her and learn from her, and to be honest, I really wanted to do what she did! How amazing would it be to go to work every day and just chat with inspiring people about topics that affect us all. Even cooler, how amazing would it be to be able to help others by doing something you truly love. That idea really stuck with me, and I’ve been a follower ever since.

This interview with Chelsea Handler is perhaps one of my favorites. Two powerhouse women speaking honestly about love,  life and careers. No pretense, no one worrying about their image, and sincerity all around. If you’re not hooked after this I don’t know what’s wrong with you ;)

Tonight, Amanda premieres her new talk show on Lifetime Television. This time it’s live and it’s called #Undone. I really can’t wait. As we all know, Chelsea Handler is leaving late night at the end of August and I can’t think of a better woman to take the torch! #TeamUndone is going to inspire a new generation of smart ladies and gents and I can’t wait to see what we all do next!

Amanda, I thank you :)

#Undone premieres tonight on Lifetime Television at 10:30pm EST/9:30pm PST




Jimi Hendrix – Power Of Love

 I’m grateful when I find art and words that inspire me. If you take the time you can find astounding things on the lovely internet. I found this piece online yesterday and fell in love with it right away.

It was created by a printing company called Studio on Fire. I will post more about them soon because they are incredible. For now please absorb these words and think about them throughout your day.

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Let’s Look At The World A Little Differently

“A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has. ”
– Margaret Mead

I’m the tiniest bit hesitant to post something about a corporation as big as Coca-Cola. At the same time, they have been making beautiful videos and commercials for years, and they never fail to bring to tears or infuse me with happiness.

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The Wise Words Of Dr. Seuss

My favorite Dr. Seuss book is ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go‘. It was given to me by a good friend when we graduated High School. Actually, she had written a short play about it which we performed for our final Drama class project.

I haven’t thought about that in so long! It was a great script. I have such talented friends.

The book has such a positive message and it came at a time when I had no idea of where I was going. I was heading to University, I wasn’t going to know anyone, I wasn’t sure if I had picked the right course of study. So many questions! Dr. Seuss has a way of shifting that fear into excitement for the future….and for that I am grateful! The book is never far from my sight and I try to share it with friends whenever possible.

It’s a great graduation gift for a student who is heading off into the world. It makes the adventure that much more exciting!

The picture below is another reason why we all love Dr. Seuss. His message is universal and one that we should be sharing with kids as early as possible. How incredible to see a small child holding this sign. Good job parents. Good job.

The Cast of ‘Anything Goes’ is Beautiful.

There are moments when I think the theatre community at large is full of crazed ego maniacs who make dumb choices based on silly ideas and negotiations. I ask myself why I’m in a business that treats me like a dollar sign, an object and a pawn. I think about all the skills I have, the education, and wonder why I don’t just get up and do something else! Start my own business, work for a worthy cause, or finally start focusing on creating a family of my own.

Then a video like this comes along. It changes my whole perspective and gets me out of my rut. in the few minutes it took me to watch this, within the first 10 seconds actually, I was reminded of the power of art. Of song and dance. That power, mixed with passionate people and great talent, really does have the ability to change the world.

In my moments of frustration I try to remember that the theatre community, as crazy as we are, is continuously spreading a message of love and light. It’s what keeps me coming back for more.

I saw Anything Goes on Broadway last year. I can confirm that this is an incredibly talented group of people. It’s nice to see that they are also eager to spread a positive message and share the magic of heart and music.

Let me end this by saying that Joel Grey is perhaps the cutest thing since my grandfather.

Enjoy the magic.

Barack Obama For President, Forever.

I just wanted to give a little shout out to Mr. President Barack Obama for coming out in support of gay marriage. I’d like to think that he had always been a supporter and was waiting for the right moment to make the announcement. I hope this was it, and that it helps to propel him into his next (fingers crossed) term. I’m not a political person, and I often can’t stand politics because there is nothing real or sincere about it. There is no one to trust in politics it seems. I can’t be bothered with the games. However, since Mr. Obama came along, people, young people especially, have had a reason to hope. I’m not even American, but what I wouldn’t give to be able to vote for him!

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Are You A Bully?

I saw this movie last week and I encourage everyone to see it and share it with every young person they know. This problem needs to stop and kids need to realize what they are doing to each other. ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me’ seems like a silly sentence now. Words do hurt, and unfortunately can push kids to do tragic things.

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Miss Representation

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any. – Alice Walker

I came across this video today and I wanted to share it with every Little Bird out there. If you’re reading this and you know of any young ladies who might learn something from it, or be inspired by it, please go ahead and share it.

Simply put this video is a creative and artistic way of sharing some unfortunate statistics of the influence of the media on young girls. It is also a small preview of what can be learned from the award-winning documentary Miss Representation. Describing it will not do it justice. Just take the time to watch this trailer and then spread the word to all young girls everywhere. I you are an educator you can also request to have a screening of the film at your school or organization. You will not regret it and we will all be better for it.

The film is written, directed and produced by Jennifer Siebel Newsom, and premiered at the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. Over a million people all over the world have seen the inspiring film to date, will you?

From The Earth – For The Earth: The DAVIDsTEA Promise

The Davids have joined forces! Together they will fight environmental injustices everywhere!

It was announced earlier this week that DAVIDsTEA, the amazing Tea company I work for, has formed a partnership with the David Suzuki Foundation. What does this mean, you ask? Well, it means that now a portion of DAVIDsTEA profits will go to the foundation, and in return the David Suzuki Foundation will teach DAVIDsTEA how to be as environmentally aware as possible! Since the company began they have tried to do as much as possible in an earth friendly way, but there is always room to do better! I could not be more excited to be a part of this union and try to help the earth one tea-cup at a time.

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The Sweetly Passionate Jaime Oliver

I sat through all of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution program a few years ago in one night. I was weirdly obsessed with his passion, anger and frustration with the American (North American) lifestyle. I was equally obsessed with America’s disinterest in what they ate, what it’s doing to their bodies, and how little they care to find solutions to the problem. Of course there were people desperate for help, but they were, they are, faced with a government that is doing very little to support them. Thank god now for the Obamas. I love the focus that Michelle Obama is putting on this topic and I admire how she’s making a point of appearing on television to talk about the issue. Expertly, she is trying to get young kids interested in taking care of their bodies and what they eat. It’s an amazing strategy.

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Caine Monroy: An Arcade Story


This video has been popping up all over the internet recently. I finally had a chance to watch it this morning and then I watched it again. And again. And again. This little bird is magical. I can’t get him out of my head. His eyes have the curious spark that I love to see in children. I’ve met kids with this spark and they always grow up to do incredible things. Caine is going to be magic. He’ll change the world, I know it.

His father is also a magical man. I was blown away by the simple, loving way that he described his son’s creative endeavour. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for a father to give up his entire storefront because his son wanted to create a cardboard arcade. His support is what is going to make all the difference for Caine. Parents take note.

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This Is Your LIFE.

Recognize this incredible poster of powerful words? Do you remember seeing it all over your news feed on Facebook? Well I finally learnt where it came from and I am so excited at my discovery!

Holstee is a company with a conscience. It’s what can happen when people sit down for a second, stop moving, and really think about what they want out of life and for the world. That’s what Mike, Dave and their cousin Fabian did a few years ago and what came out of it was the Holstee Manifesto. The poster you see above, and the message that’s being heard all over the world. Thankfully.

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How To Change The World In 5 Steps: Joy Apparel


A few years ago I filmed a little commercial for this incredible t-shirt company. Their mission is clearly stated in their 5 easy steps, but it’s worth mentioning that the people involved are just as wonderful as their message. I got a free t-shirt for my work and I have worn it proudly ever since.

The company is the brain child of Jeff Woodrow. An inspiring man from Toronto who quit his day job to focus on making the world a better place one t-shirt at a time. The idea is so simple and brilliant, yet an idea is only worthwhile if you get up and do something about it. Jeff now spends his days drawing the faces you see on every t-shirt which come from the thousands of submissions he receives worldwide.

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Are You The Smart Girl At The Party?

Change the world by being yourself. It’s that easy. 

I want every girl out there to watch this video, go on the Smart Girls At The Party website and watch every video there, AND THEN go on Facebook and LIKE them. This is my advice if we want to raise amazing, intelligent and confident girls. Too many times I’ve seen girls hide the things that make them special in order to “fit in” with their friends, or even worse, conform to society’s idea of a “normal” teen.

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Love Is A Human Experience

Anne Hathaway says it all. Pay attention to what she’s saying, what so many people are saying, and just be a DECENT HUMAN BEING. The bullying issue is getting so out of hand, it breaks my heart on a daily basis. It makes me feel guilty for somehow being lucky enough to have never had to deal with any of that. No child or teen deserves to be shunned, bullied or cast aside.

Love, is a human experience. Not a political statement.