My Favorite Links

These websites and blogs have most liked been features in my posts. If not, they  will be soon! Eventually they will be organized by catagory, but for now just enjoy browsing through them and exploring what they have to offer.

Some of these I check everyday, some weekly, and some when I’m in certain moods. However, they are all lovely, informative and changing the world in their own special way. – Susan is a brillant artist and is the creator of my website header. Isn’t it beautiful? – My Tumblr blog. My first dive into the blogging world. – My personal website. Check often for updates! – Brillant and creative website for all your inspirational needs! – All theatre. All the time. – The theatre magazine online. – Great theatre site as well. – This will fulfill your inspiration needs. Created by Dianna Agron. – A brilliant creative mind who creates some of the most beautiful pieces of art I have ever seen. – If you’re from Toronto you will want to check out this store. If not, at least you can check them out online. – a great source for inspiring material. Get an account! – Jelena made me my nightstand and I love her and her talent. She turns old furniture into new pieces of art! – I usually cannot afford anything in this store. But it’s just so pretty. – my place of employment when I’m not performing. Just check them out once, online or in person, and you will be hooked. – This publisher makes some of the most creative, beautiful books I have ever seen. – She makes me smile and makes people happy. That’s all you have to know. – Dallas is a brillant artist who wrote The Awesome Book for kids of all ages. He’s a Super Human. – 2 lovely Canadian actresses, Vanessa Matsui and Liane Balaban, created this site to help girls around the world get advice and learn about their period. – One of my favorite bands. Their music is magical and inspiring. – I listen to the broadway channel quite regularly. – Amy Poehler and friends created this site to celebrate girls who are changing the world by just being themselves. – An up and coming film studio/production company that is going to change the face of the Canadian film industry one day. – If you live in Toronto you need to check this place out. It is Toronto’s best kept secret. – Stationary heaven. – More wonderful stationary. – Stationary for you. – Great clothing company who are trying to raise money for countries ravaged by natural disasters. I have on of their t-shirts and it is amazing. – Kate Wilson is a london based artist who draws the most darling birds and other lovely things. – Rob Ryan was sort of the inspiration for my first blog. His work is stunning. – The one stop place to shop and browse through the most beautiful crafty work. – A Toronto based t-shirt company that is bringing people together from all over the world. Their concept is amazing. – An American organization that is helping indigenous communities in the Ecuadorian Amazon to promote sustainable development. I am going to Ecuador to work with them soon. Worth checking out. – A fun blog of the latest quirky and curious online content out there. – A fun blog of collected online content. Good times. – The #1 online source for all the latest trends. Hours and hours of content for your browsing pleasure.


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