Clearly, Everyone Needs Owl Tea Cups

I might like these because they are owls (and I love owls), or I might like these because as I said, everyone needs owl tea cups. However, I think the real reason I like these is because they remind me of an owl cup that my father used to have on his desk when I was growing up. Somehow, my sister has it now. I don’t know how that happened, but it makes me smile to think I could have one just like it. Sort of.

If you must have these, and I’m sure you must, you can purchase them here.


The World Spins Madly On



This is beautiful….and the song is And The World Spins Madly On by The Weepies. Bliss.

Today Martha Graham would have been 117 years old. Both this video and the Google graphic today are in her honour.

Animated by Ron Woodward (the same guy that animated today’s amazing Google graphic)

Great Artist: Kate Wilson


Another great Kate Wilson :)

Kate Wilson Art



I have always had a love for beautiful stationary and lovely illustrations. I’m known to write a lot of thank you cards because I always have way too much stationary to get through at home, and I want other people to enjoy their loveliness!

I recently discovered the London based illustrator Kate Wilson. Her designs are gorgeous, lovely, pretty, and all things girly. I am particularly in love with her bird prints! Her stationary is definitely a favorite.

She also has an amazing blog:

Rob Ryan: An Artist


Obsessed with Rob Ryan.