The Beauty All Around Us

I tend to be someone who walks down the street and I’m either looking at the ground or I’m daydreaming. Either way, if I’m not careful I miss out on all the beautiful things around me, in my neighbourhood, and right in front of my eyes. I know this about myself so I have to make an effort to pay attention. To focus on what’s is happening in the moment instead of what happened yesterday or what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. I think it’s my type A personality, but that’s no excuse!

The artwork of Kelly Rae Roberts is one of those things that makes me stop in my tracks and relish the moment. There is something about her pieces that grabs my imagination and  focus. I think it’s a combination of the beautiful, detailed art and the words of wisdom that often accompany the pieces. I can look at her work for hours and not feel guilty about it. It reminds me that art has the power to change lives (including the life of the artist herself), evoke great and creative thoughts, and quite simply brighten our darkest days.

Go outside for a walk, look ahead, look up, find the beauty and art all around you, take pictures, and don’t look at the ground even once. You don’t want to miss anything.


Feminism Is Not A Rulebook

“One thing that can be very alienating about a misconception of feminism is that girls then think that to be feminists they have to live up to being perfectly consistent in their beliefs, never being insecure, never having doubts, having all the answers… and this is not true and actually recognizing all the contradictions I was feeling became easier once I realized that feminism was not a rulebook but a discussion, a conversation, a process.”

– Tavi Gevinson

Thank You Birds

Artwork by: Julie Comstock for teNeues Publishing Company

Look what I found at Chapters yesterday! Clearly my obsession with birds is not over. I have ‘thank you’ cards galore at my place but I couldn’t resist picking these up. The design is beautiful, artistic and kinda vintage. I love it.

My obsession with stationary and publishing houses is not over either. teNeues has some incredible collections of specialty books and stationary that tend to keep me on their site for far too long. You must check them out here.

You can never have enough ‘thank you’ cards. It’s a lovely way to let someone know you appreciate them and all they do for you. I never travel without them. On trips there are countless people who help me and deserve a beautiful token of thanks. Even at home there are always people who go above and beyond and deserve a little something.

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Do Not Let Your Fire Go Out

This quote is a constant reminder of the drive and passion I want to have in all I do. I keep meaning to print this off and hang it in my bedroom. This blog post will do for now. I’m just happy to share the sentiment!

I am in an industry where we really need to always believe and have faith that things, good things, will happen for us. However, there is no sitting around and waiting involved. We are constantly striving to be better, to get ahead and to get noticed. It’s a hard balance to do what we need to do to be successful. To stay true to ourselves and our moral standards. The good news is I think I’ve finally figured out a way to balance both.

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Be Free To Sing

(Source: ciott, via miranatee)

I saw this and it reminded me of one of my favorite composers. Stephen Sondheim knows what he’s doing and how to get a message across. I’ve said it before. Listen to his lyrics….he can change the world.

My cage has many rooms,
Damask and dark.
Nothing there sings,
Not even my lark.
Larks never will, you know,
When they’re captive.
Teach me to be more adaptive.
Green finch and linnet bird,
Nightingale, blackbird,
Teach me how to sing.
If I cannot fly,
Let me sing.

– Stephen Sondheim

Collaboration. Thank You, Susan Black!

I had an idea, an opinion and vision of what I wanted my blog to look like. Susan Black took my idea and created one of the most beautiful banners I have ever seen. I am so grateful to have found someone who understood what I wanted and was able to make it come to life.
We all have different creative strengths and it’s amazing what can happen when you collaborate with the right people…with the right creative counterpart. No egos, no confusion, no comparing or putting down. Just two people working together to create something special to share with the world. If only all creative endeavours could run as smoothly!!
Make sure to check out Susan’s full blog post here. Her work is beautiful and you might just find the inspiration you’ve been looking for!

Welcome to Little Bird, Night Owl


Little Bird, Night Owl is my new project. I start new projects once in a while to keep me creative and to explore new ways to express myself and help others. Welcome!

This will be my space to share inspiring words, beautiful things, creative Super Humans, and anything else I might find and feel will help change the world.

I too often feel too small to make any type of difference in the world. However, the older I get the more I’m opening myself to amazing people and experiences that are teaching me that no one is ever too small. We just have to find what we’re good at, what we’re passionate about, and decide on the first thing we’re going to do. From there let’s just take it step by step, all together, and the change will be impressive. I promise you. I promise myself.

Little Bird, Night Owl is my first step, and I hope it inspires you to take yours.

This nightstand got a makeover and now lives with me!


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I have been meaning to blog about this for quite some time! This summer I got a fabulous local Toronto artist to revive this nightstand for me. Her name is Jelena Pticek and she has an amazing blog that you … Continue reading



A friendly and inspired reminder. Sometimes we need a little nudge to continue doing what makes us happy and true.

Birds and Fries


I saw this and smiled. Partly because it’s so adorable and a great message….but mostly because birds actually do love stealing my french fries. Or pizzas. Or even Churros. It’s true.

Kate Wilson Art



I have always had a love for beautiful stationary and lovely illustrations. I’m known to write a lot of thank you cards because I always have way too much stationary to get through at home, and I want other people to enjoy their loveliness!

I recently discovered the London based illustrator Kate Wilson. Her designs are gorgeous, lovely, pretty, and all things girly. I am particularly in love with her bird prints! Her stationary is definitely a favorite.

She also has an amazing blog: