A Letter To My Younger Self

Some say that wisdom comes with age. I am now a year older….so does that mean I’m a year wiser? That seems questionable. What I do know is that I have evolved. A year ago today I was still in recovery mode. Trying to get my life back to normal after a magical 8 months on the road with the West Side Story tour. I was trying to get my feet back on the ground, back to reality, and dealing with the usual fears that come with the end of one adventure and the beginning of….who knows?

In one year I have evolved from a heartbroken ingenue to a motivated go-getter, to a terrified creative type and finally ended up as a centred,  hopeful optimist (on a good day, or course)! All I’m trying to say is that I am a year older and I DO feel wiser, but not because I have more knowledge or more answers. I feel wiser because I have gone through a year’s worth of experiences that have informed me of the world, my life in it, and what I need to do to get through it in one piece. For that I am grateful.

Have you ever read the series of books ‘What I Know Now‘? I read them about 5 years ago and they have stuck with me ever since. ‘What I know Now’ is a collection of letters that well-known and accomplished women have written to their younger selves. The letters are a reminder that we all start out the same. Scared, foolish, lost, optimistic and hopeful.

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The Many Faces Of William Shakespeare

Among other things, Shakespeare and I share a birthday and a passion for the theatre. His plays are as diverse as the images in these paintings, and as actors we always strive to perform his rich and diverse cast of characters.

English was not my first language so I am always amazed by the language and its origins. It never fails to surprise me when I hear of certain words that were coined by Mr. Shakespeare himself. Obscene, alligator, skim milk and eye ball to name a few!

These prints, from www.fab.com are a fitting tribute to the genius. Eclectic and richly detailed. The video below is a quirky history of Shakespeare and his influence on the English language.

Who else shares our day of birth? Shirley Temple, Sandra Dee, and Michael Moore! I am in good company.

Happy Birthday, Mom!

My mom is turning OLD years old today. I’m not allowed to say how old, but believe me she’s just as beautiful as she’s ever been. Sure, I yell at her for smoking or for not exercising enough. I get frustrated when she doesn’t drink enough water or drinks too much coke (or is it Pepsi? I don’t care both are awful, mom!), but I have to admit….she has good genes! She’s also smart, and has a quick wit. She reads AND plays computer games. She can do your taxes AND your banking…..at the same time! She also thinks she can do ANYTHING at the same time. For example, playing computer games and watching a movie. I refuse to tell her what’s happening in the movie when she asks. And she always asks. Oh mom.

More importantly…she is my mom. Quirks and all. It’s taken 20 some years to find our common ground, but I feel we’ve finally come to some kind of a loving agreement as to how to live in harmony, respecting each other and our choices. Appreciating our strengths and accepting our differences. It took a lot of work, a lot of screaming and a lot of sleepless nights….but somehow here we are!

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