Love Is A Human Experience

Anne Hathaway says it all. Pay attention to what she’s saying, what so many people are saying, and just be a DECENT HUMAN BEING. The bullying issue is getting so out of hand, it breaks my heart on a daily basis. It makes me feel guilty for somehow being lucky enough to have never had to deal with any of that. No child or teen deserves to be shunned, bullied or cast aside.

Love, is a human experience. Not a political statement.


Born This Way Foundation


Lady Gaga has launched her Born This Way Foundation. If you believe in the three pillars of this foundation, and I hope you do,  then you must do your part to spread the word.

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I Approve of Taylor Swift

My name is Erika and I am a Taylor Swift fan. This young woman has handled herself with such grace and maturity over the last few years. Most importantly, her music is truthful, usually inspiring, and always trying to send out a good message to all her young fans. Continue reading