How To Change The World In 5 Steps: Joy Apparel


A few years ago I filmed a little commercial for this incredible t-shirt company. Their mission is clearly stated in their 5 easy steps, but it’s worth mentioning that the people involved are just as wonderful as their message. I got a free t-shirt for my work and I have worn it proudly ever since.

The company is the brain child of Jeff Woodrow. An inspiring man from Toronto who quit his day job to focus on making the world a better place one t-shirt at a time. The idea is so simple and brilliant, yet an idea is only worthwhile if you get up and do something about it. Jeff now spends his days drawing the faces you see on every t-shirt which come from the thousands of submissions he receives worldwide.

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Born This Way Foundation


Lady Gaga has launched her Born This Way Foundation. If you believe in the three pillars of this foundation, and I hope you do,  then you must do your part to spread the word.

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Ellen and Brad are Making It Right For The People of New Orleans

While I was on tour last year I was lucky enough to get to spend some time in the beautiful city of New Orleans. I had never been there before and I was immediately struck by how magical the city was. Our group stayed in the new downtown area, and to get to our theatre we got to walk through the popular French Quarter every day. The architecture, the people, the FOOD, the history…I felt at home and secure there.

I knew what had happened in the 9th Ward a few years before. I knew those people did not have a home and they certainly didn’t feel secure there anymore. I realized I was living in the safe bubble of my group and the French Quarter. So, with a few friends from the cast we decided to go visit the neighbourhood that was hit the hardest during the hurricane. The 9th Ward. Continue reading



I am a HUGE fan of Dallas Clayton. Please support!


Hey everyone, check out this T shirt I just put together with JCREW. It’s part of an ongoing series of apparel set to help raise money for various children’s charities. This one is for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to those with blood cancers live longer happier lives.  The theme for the illustration was “victorious” as in “how great would it be to one day emerge victorious in our ongoing fight against cancer!” I get a lot of requests from people wanting rad shirts these days for their kids so for all of you – please please please buy this for your little ones and spread the link around to help support a great cause!