My Fantasy Home Library

There are few things I like more than books.  There are a few more things I like more than being alone….but not many!

All kidding aside, I really love books and one day will have a library in my home just like this. A loving family. A house on the beach. A library. The simple things.


Wise Beyond Her Years, Tavi Gevinson Is No Rookie

When I was 15 I spent most of my time studying, playing soccer, singing and hanging out with my friends at the mall. I was a studious, curious teen with big dreams and ambitions to make a difference, but I saw those dreams being fulfilled in the future. When I grew up. I’ve always lived my life in order. I thought, I’ll be a kid, I’ll be a teen, I’ll go to school, I’ll grow up, I’ll get a job, and then that job will make a difference. What my dreams were aren’t the point. The point is I don’t think I realized I could make a difference in the world until I grew up.

I did dream about acting and performing as a kid. I knew I could do that at ANY age. But, the idea of being taken seriously or making a difference always seemed like something “grown ups” did. Now that I’m a certain age I’m happy with who I am, what I’m doing and how I live in the world. However, I’m also happy and excited to see how young people are taking a lead and taking charge of their dreams and issues that need to be tackled in the world.

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No One Is Alone

It’s no secret that I am a Sondheim lover. In fact, meeting him is on my ‘inspirational people I’d like to meet’ bucket list, a list that I’ve been lucky enough to have started checking off already! To me Sondheim is able to articulate what we know is right, what we feel inside, but what we can’t put words to ourselves. He does this with such ease, precision and humour that we barely know we’re absorbing these wonderful morals and lessons.

Into The Woods is perhaps my favorite Sondheim musical, and one that I go back to a lot. No One Is Alone is one of the highlights of the show and one of its more well known songs. I remember seeing this clip on the Rosie show years ago and feeling so far away from it all. It seemed like a fantasy land that I wanted to be a part of. Who would have known that I’d one day get to see the show, work with The Baker, and spend plenty of time in NYC.

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Nurture Our Dreams

It’s always been my dream.

I want to follow my dreams.

It would be a dream come true.

Every young person that came through my panel at the 2012 Sheridan College Music Theatre-Performance auditions wanted us to know it was their DREAM to get into the prestigious program. They wrote it in their questionnaire, they told us in their interview, and they showed us through their passionate and hopeful performances.

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