Welcome to Little Bird, Night Owl


Little Bird, Night Owl is my new project. I start new projects once in a while to keep me creative and to explore new ways to express myself and help others. Welcome!

This will be my space to share inspiring words, beautiful things, creative Super Humans, and anything else I might find and feel will help change the world.

I too often feel too small to make any type of difference in the world. However, the older I get the more I’m opening myself to amazing people and experiences that are teaching me that no one is ever too small. We just have to find what we’re good at, what we’re passionate about, and decide on the first thing we’re going to do. From there let’s just take it step by step, all together, and the change will be impressive. I promise you. I promise myself.

Little Bird, Night Owl is my first step, and I hope it inspires you to take yours.


Things To Keep In Mind


Love, love, LOVE!!

‘In The Heights’ Knows Best


I cannot stop listening to In The Heights lately. Brilliant.

Robert Browning


So true.



Yesssssssss. I love this.

Adventurous Little Bird


I’m loving this.

Very True


It’s ok to be.