Bedrooms Heaven

I have this mild yet pretty intense love of interior design and architecture. In fact, it’s so mild (yet intense), that it confused me and I eventually went into acting. Good times. Sometimes I walk by a copy of Architectural Digest at the bookstore and I feel ashamed that I don’t have enough money to have a subscription and I have to sit at the store and look through it there. I usually have to squeeze in between the guy that’s looking through car magazines and the woman checking out the latest crochet techniques. It’s not pretty.

However, the internet is a beautiful thing and recently I find myself scouring through pinterest and tumblr to get my design fix. Here are some of my latest discoveries for your enjoyment. Usually I love the entire look of the rooms….but sometimes it might just be an element or two. Also, some of them are kids rooms, so I guess I’ll need some of those…some day.

How I wish I had some empty rooms to decorate!!

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Quiet Design – Dream Bedroom

I really don’t think anyone could wake up in a bad mood in this bedroom. If the sun always promised to shine it would be perfection. Part of me always wants to be surrounded by pretty colors, lots of books and beautiful art on the walls, but another part of me thinks white and sparse is the way to go.

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My Fantasy Home Library

There are few things I like more than books.  There are a few more things I like more than being alone….but not many!

All kidding aside, I really love books and one day will have a library in my home just like this. A loving family. A house on the beach. A library. The simple things.

Design Inspiration

One of my all time favorite things to do is look at design magazines and watch design shows on TV. If someone told me that in my next life I would be just like Sarah Richardson, I think I would be able to die in peace.

I realize I haven’t really shared this part of me yet so here are a few design shots that really made an impact on me last week. I enjoy pretty. I enjoy organized, and I enjoy granny chic.

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