Random Inspiration To Get You Through The Day

All things that are inspiring me at the moment. I couldn’t decide what to include but this is a random cluster of my inspirational fuel for the past little while. There is a lot more where this came from….but I hate long blogs ;)

I tend to draw a lot of my creative fuel from books, but I also love quotations and beautiful design. Also, who doesn’t love a good Stephen Sondheim quote or song. The Weepies will never let you down, Bernadette Peters will get anyone through anything…..And Chelsea Handler is just the most honest hilarious woman in the world. Period.

Enjoy and use as needed :)


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The Beauty All Around Us

I tend to be someone who walks down the street and I’m either looking at the ground or I’m daydreaming. Either way, if I’m not careful I miss out on all the beautiful things around me, in my neighbourhood, and right in front of my eyes. I know this about myself so I have to make an effort to pay attention. To focus on what’s is happening in the moment instead of what happened yesterday or what’s on the schedule for tomorrow. I think it’s my type A personality, but that’s no excuse!

The artwork of Kelly Rae Roberts is one of those things that makes me stop in my tracks and relish the moment. There is something about her pieces that grabs my imagination and  focus. I think it’s a combination of the beautiful, detailed art and the words of wisdom that often accompany the pieces. I can look at her work for hours and not feel guilty about it. It reminds me that art has the power to change lives (including the life of the artist herself), evoke great and creative thoughts, and quite simply brighten our darkest days.

Go outside for a walk, look ahead, look up, find the beauty and art all around you, take pictures, and don’t look at the ground even once. You don’t want to miss anything.

Kelly Rae Roberts: An Artist


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