The Wise Words Of Dr. Seuss

My favorite Dr. Seuss book is ‘Oh The Places You’ll Go‘. It was given to me by a good friend when we graduated High School. Actually, she had written a short play about it which we performed for our final Drama class project.

I haven’t thought about that in so long! It was a great script. I have such talented friends.

The book has such a positive message and it came at a time when I had no idea of where I was going. I was heading to University, I wasn’t going to know anyone, I wasn’t sure if I had picked the right course of study. So many questions! Dr. Seuss has a way of shifting that fear into excitement for the future….and for that I am grateful! The book is never far from my sight and I try to share it with friends whenever possible.

It’s a great graduation gift for a student who is heading off into the world. It makes the adventure that much more exciting!

The picture below is another reason why we all love Dr. Seuss. His message is universal and one that we should be sharing with kids as early as possible. How incredible to see a small child holding this sign. Good job parents. Good job.


The Sweetly Passionate Jaime Oliver

I sat through all of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution program a few years ago in one night. I was weirdly obsessed with his passion, anger and frustration with the American (North American) lifestyle. I was equally obsessed with America’s disinterest in what they ate, what it’s doing to their bodies, and how little they care to find solutions to the problem. Of course there were people desperate for help, but they were, they are, faced with a government that is doing very little to support them. Thank god now for the Obamas. I love the focus that Michelle Obama is putting on this topic and I admire how she’s making a point of appearing on television to talk about the issue. Expertly, she is trying to get young kids interested in taking care of their bodies and what they eat. It’s an amazing strategy.

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Caine Monroy: An Arcade Story


This video has been popping up all over the internet recently. I finally had a chance to watch it this morning and then I watched it again. And again. And again. This little bird is magical. I can’t get him out of my head. His eyes have the curious spark that I love to see in children. I’ve met kids with this spark and they always grow up to do incredible things. Caine is going to be magic. He’ll change the world, I know it.

His father is also a magical man. I was blown away by the simple, loving way that he described his son’s creative endeavour. As if it was the most natural thing in the world for a father to give up his entire storefront because his son wanted to create a cardboard arcade. His support is what is going to make all the difference for Caine. Parents take note.

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Nuts For Peanuts And All Their Wisdom

I found this post today while searching for all things inspiring. How lucky am I to have found this. So beautiful and inspring. Please check out Maria Popova’s website it is brilliant!

Love Is Walking Hand In Hand: The Peanuts Gang Defines Love, 1965


‘Love is being happy knowing that she’s happy… but that isn’t so easy.’

The Peanuts series by Charles M. Schulzendures as one of the most beloved cartoons of all time, partly because of Schulz’s gift for capturing the great, tender truths of human existence through remarkably simple, sometimes poetic, often humorous, always profound vignettes. Hardly does it get more profound and poetic, however, than in Schulz’s 1965 book, Love is Walking Hand In Hand — an utterly lovely tiny treasure, in which Lucy and Snoopy and Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang define love through the simple acts and moments of everyday life.

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