Eduardo Fernandez – That Vintage Smile

My grandfather, Eduardo Fernandez, in 1947. He was in the Peruvian Air Force and eventually a Colonel. 

I love old photographs. It makes me feel like I’m spying on the past and at the same time connecting to it. I especially love old photographs of my family. I love looking at them and imagining what their lives were like, what their dreams were, what they were thinking! I think old photographs are so much more genuine that what we have today. They really captured a moment in time and no one could say, ‘I looked weird in that one, let’s take it again’. Some of those weird looks are my favorite! Even the photos where families posed in a studio are so mysterious. I love it.

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When I Think Of Bliss……

The coast of Lima, Peru near Miraflores. One of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I made it even more beautiful by putting a 1960s filter on the photograph. I’m in love.

Some things are just bred in the bone. For me it’s the need to have family around. To learn. To be kind (to try to, anyway). To laugh. To be almost too introverted. To dream. To keep wanting more…and to find peace and clarity near the water. The ocean and the sun have never let me down. Just being able to smell the sea is enough to put me in a good mood. Sitting in the sun, looking at this view with family around, is what I miss the most about Lima.

Just add a plate of Ceviche and you’ve got heaven.

On To The Next Adventure…

….whatever it may be!

I have a weird sense of adventure. I will not eat something if I can’t really tell what it’s made of, or if the texture seems weird to me. I don’t usually talk to strangers. I don’t usually experiment with my clothing, and I tend to socialize in a coffee shop rather than the local bar.

However, when it comes to travel I’ve realized I want to try it all. I discovered I could be away from home for long periods of time when I was a kid. I spent a few summers with relatives in Peru  and never had any issue with leaving my home in Toronto or my parents. Years later I spent 2 summers in New York City on a whim, and managed to have the time of my life. Since then many trips to NYC have followed and I relish in the possibilities that city has to offer.

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Beautiful Tree

I was in Lima recently for two weeks. I spent a glorious time with my family and as usual took some great shots and footage. Here is a glimpse of the good times. It’s a wonderful reminder that I’m a lucky girl and have some incredible people looking out for me and sending me good karma and love everyday.

“Bent or broken,
It’s the family tree.
Bent or broken,
It’s the family tree.
Each branch a part of a part of me.
This is my tree,
And it’s a beautiful tree.”

In Honour of World Theatre Day…MURU!

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