Jimi Hendrix – Power Of Love

 I’m grateful when I find art and words that inspire me. If you take the time you can find astounding things on the lovely internet. I found this piece online yesterday and fell in love with it right away.

It was created by a printing company called Studio on Fire. I will post more about them soon because they are incredible. For now please absorb these words and think about them throughout your day.

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A Father’s Day Truth

Happy Father’s Day to my dad. The man who has been my instruction book for many, many years. I’ve helped him write a few chapters, but for the most part he’s written a pretty good book himself.

Thank you for all that I know. Thank you for putting up with the drama of living in a house with three girls for so many years. Thank you. Thank you. Gracias. xo

Keep Calm And Carry On – True Story

Have you ever wondered about the origins of the ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’ poster? I had no idea it had such an interesting history. Today we know it from countless products such as journals, t-shirts, bags, candles, mouse pads and even bed sheets! We’ve modified the text countless ways to serve our own purposes. For example, ‘Keep Calm and Drink Tea’. However, the poster was created to boost morale during WWII…and since then it’s been on quite a journey.

My lovely friend Karen introduced me to this video. This is one of the things I love about the
world-wide web and having a blog. Once people start to get to know me and what I like they send me amazing things like this!

To learn more about the history of the poster make sure to check out the website here!

Keep Calm a Carry On….and send me some videos! ;)

This One Is For The Little Birds

I love Dallas Clayton and his story. His books are a must for any home with children, as well as anyone who appreciates a little inspiration, and is a child at heart.

I have to say, It think a lot of Dallas’ pieces would be perfect as art work on kid’s bedroom walls. They’re beautiful and always contain a wonderful message.

I thought this was a fitting post for the little ones during Poetry Month. Thank you, Dallas!

Find out more at www.dallasclayton.com

This Is Your LIFE.

Recognize this incredible poster of powerful words? Do you remember seeing it all over your news feed on Facebook? Well I finally learnt where it came from and I am so excited at my discovery!

Holstee is a company with a conscience. It’s what can happen when people sit down for a second, stop moving, and really think about what they want out of life and for the world. That’s what Mike, Dave and their cousin Fabian did a few years ago and what came out of it was the Holstee Manifesto. The poster you see above, and the message that’s being heard all over the world. Thankfully.

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Put your positive thoughts out into the universe. We’ll all be better for it.

Books Are Cool

For all those little bookworms out there. You’re on the right track.



This makes me happy.