New Year Resolutions: Putting It Out Into The Universe


I’ve been thinking a lot about the new year. Actually, to be honest, I’ve been thinking a lot about the past year, 2011, and how it didn’t quite turn out the way I had planned. I want to change all that in 2012.

I am an actor. I wanted to be an actor to change the world (as cheesy as that sounds, but I did). Unfortunately, sometimes in our profession actors spend their lives waiting around for someone to give them the “opportunity” to change the world…or be given “permission”. We wait for people like casting directors, producers and directors to “allow” us to change the world through our work. I want to change that for myself.

So, I decided my New Year Resolution this year is to allow myself to change the world. I’m going to try to not wait around and just start doing the things I want to do…the way I want to do them. I also decided to be brave and bold in my choices.

This video is a compilation of resolutions from my friends, family and DAVIDsTEA family. My hope is that this video makes us all accountable for each other and encourages us to help each other follow through with our resolutions.