Give Yourself a Hand

I’ve been meaning to get some book lists on this blog for a while but I had so many books to look through the task seemed completely overwhelming! I am happy now to have narrowed down some choices, created some themed lists, and taken some pictures to go along with them.

This first collection of books are meant to give us all the little helping hand we need when we haven’t had the best year, the month has seemed off, the week has been too long, or simply when we’re having an off day.

I love reading these kinds of books because they combine two of my favorite things; reading about the lives and experiences of others, and the opportunity to reflect on my life and ways I can improve it. Each of these books had a big impact on my life and my relationship with the world. I hope they can serve all of you in the same way.

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What I Know Now About Success: Great Read



I have been reading the WHAT I KNOW NOW books for a few years now. I saw the first WHAT I KNOW NOW book, believe it or not, in an Anthropologie store. Another good reason why I LOVE that store!

Pretty much all three books, WHAT I KNOW NOW, IF I KNEW THEN…, and WHAT I KNOW NOW ABOUT SUCCESS, are compilations of letters written by well known women to their younger selves. In these letters they encourage their younger selves to persevere during difficult times in their lives and to find peace in the knowledge that everything turns out alright.

I cannot recommend these books enough. Not only are they so inspiring, but somehow you can relate to every single woman’s story. There is something so wonderful in realizing that you are not alone in your struggles and fears.

A must read. Click on the book to check out the website!