Elaine Stritch – A Legend

STRITCH-2-obit-articleLarge The dear and talented Elaine Stritch passed away last week. Imagine my surprise when I logged onto my blog after 10 months to find this post I had been working on. I usually have 4 to 5 posts in my drafts folder but this time it was only this one. A bare draft of only a title and two clips of this legendary performer.

This feels like a sign. I have been thinking for months of reuniting with my blog to share with (all three of) you some of the people, places and things that have been making their way into my mind and soul, changing how I think and how I want to live. From the very beginning Elaine Stritch was one of those things.

This puts a smile on my face. It feels like things might be aligning. Perhaps my intuition isn’t that bad. Perhaps I should listen to it more often instead ignoring it over the drone of everyone else’s thoughts on Twitter and Instagram (I am too in love with it).

I think this post about Ms. Stritch will be the first of a series of posts. A series of people who have made a deep impact on my thoughts, my heart and my actions. Even if I’ve never met them, even if you think it’s silly, I’ll tell you about them. I’ll own it, and I will celebrate everything they offer me. I truly feel you never know what can happen if you just put it out there into the universe. I think Elaine would approve :)

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Random Inspiration To Get You Through The Day

All things that are inspiring me at the moment. I couldn’t decide what to include but this is a random cluster of my inspirational fuel for the past little while. There is a lot more where this came from….but I hate long blogs ;)

I tend to draw a lot of my creative fuel from books, but I also love quotations and beautiful design. Also, who doesn’t love a good Stephen Sondheim quote or song. The Weepies will never let you down, Bernadette Peters will get anyone through anything…..And Chelsea Handler is just the most honest hilarious woman in the world. Period.

Enjoy and use as needed :)


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No One Is Alone

It’s no secret that I am a Sondheim lover. In fact, meeting him is on my ‘inspirational people I’d like to meet’ bucket list, a list that I’ve been lucky enough to have started checking off already! To me Sondheim is able to articulate what we know is right, what we feel inside, but what we can’t put words to ourselves. He does this with such ease, precision and humour that we barely know we’re absorbing these wonderful morals and lessons.

Into The Woods is perhaps my favorite Sondheim musical, and one that I go back to a lot. No One Is Alone is one of the highlights of the show and one of its more well known songs. I remember seeing this clip on the Rosie show years ago and feeling so far away from it all. It seemed like a fantasy land that I wanted to be a part of. Who would have known that I’d one day get to see the show, work with The Baker, and spend plenty of time in NYC.

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Be Free To Sing

(Source: ciott, via miranatee)

I saw this and it reminded me of one of my favorite composers. Stephen Sondheim knows what he’s doing and how to get a message across. I’ve said it before. Listen to his lyrics….he can change the world.

My cage has many rooms,
Damask and dark.
Nothing there sings,
Not even my lark.
Larks never will, you know,
When they’re captive.
Teach me to be more adaptive.
Green finch and linnet bird,
Nightingale, blackbird,
Teach me how to sing.
If I cannot fly,
Let me sing.

– Stephen Sondheim



Everybody’s got the right to be happy,
Don’t be mad, life’s not as bad as it seems,
If you keep your goal in sight, you can climb to any height,
Everybody’s got the right to their dreams.

Stephen Sondheim (Assassins)



A Little Inspiration

Anthony Tommasini skillfully puts into words and music what so many of us just sense and feel when listening to the music of Stephen Sondheim. Both men so good at what they do. Thank you for a little inspiration today.

Words of Wisdom


Anything you do,
Let it come from you.
Then it will be new.
Give us more to see.

Sunday In The Park With George (Stephen Sondheim)

Into The Woods


If you know
What you want,
Then you go
And you find it
And you get it –
And you give
And you take
And you bid
And you bargain
Or you live
To regret it.

Into The Woods (Stephen Sondheim)

Finishing The Hat – Stephen Sondheim



As a true Sondheim Junkie I am embarrassed that I only very recently bought this book. However, in my defence I was living out of two suitcases and a truck for the last 6 months and I didn’t think carrying a hard cover book was a practical idea. Regardless, I now feel complete knowing that this book is safely in my arms. I have not been able to put it down.

I have one bold statement to make about Sondheim….and here it is: The music and lyrics of Stephen Sondheim can change the world. I swear. If only everybody took the time to really listen and absorb the incredible messages, themes and ideas in his shows….the world would be a better place. On a daily basis something will happen to me, or I will witness something happening and I will think about a sondheim lyric. I swear I am the person I am because of the moral lessons I’ve learned from his shows throughout my life. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I dare you to ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you I’m a pretty decent person!

Finishing The Hat

So, do the world a favour and take a listen to Sunday In The Park With George or Into The Woods. These are two of my favorites. Or better yet…buy the DVDs of the staged Broadway productions. Also, if you want to learn more about the genius that is Sondheim and read some early drafts of his lyrics….you must buy this book!



Careful the things you say, children will listen. – Stephen Sondheim

The Baker’s Wife


You may know what you need, but to get what you want, better see that you keep what you have.

  • Into The Woods – Stephen Sondheim

Stephen Sondheim Forever


Oh, If life were made of moments… Even now and then a bad one… But if life were only moments… Then you’d never know you had one.