Call Me Maybe – West Side Story Edition

This is why I love these people.

This is the 1st Broadway National Tour of West Side Story with their take on Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Call Me Maybe’. This song has taken over, and this is one of many youtube videos dedicated to the catchy tune.

After a long and hard day yesterday I was so happy to get home and find this on my facebook. It put such a smile on my face to see some dear friends and some seriously funny and talented people.

I expect another video from Japan, friends!


A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words….

….a journey through my adventures on the 1st Broadway National Tour of West Side Story.

I had almost forgotten what a special time this was in my life. Thankfully, the tour is now in Toronto and the memories are flooding back. It’s almost an entire new group of actors, but the energy and passion is still the same. I’m so excited to have them here and I think you should all go buy a ticket to see this incredible production. You don’t believe me? Then, this might convince you.

Ok, you must be convinced now, so please go buy your tickets at DanCap Productions here. Done? Ok, good.

Below is a photo journey of the cities I got to visit while on tour. Some were magical, some were hard. However, they were all an adventure and I could not have asked for a better, more talented group of people to take the journey with. We being with…

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Arthur Laurents: You Are Missed



I can’t believe I had never seen this before. However, I feel so fortunate to have been able to hear his wise words in person. His attitude on life and his love for his work and the people around him are an example of how we all should live our lives. Believe in people.

“love is the most important thing in life. Love and people”. – Arthur Laurents

RIP Arthur Laurents



Rest In Peace, Arthur. You wrote my favorite musical of all time and gave me an opportunity I never took for granted. I grew up on Gypsy and it is one of the reasons I am in this business. A flawless piece about flawed people. It is now, and forever will be, my #1.

West Side Story has become a huge part of me and I am only sad that I never got to thank you properly. You captured a moment in time and thought that by exposing it society might change. Years later you noticed the need to share the message again and didn’t hesitate to take the lead and the risks to keep the show relevant and true.

For you I am grateful and forever inspired. Love.